TIPS to grab

Last minute

flight deals

Last-minute flight deals are not easy to come by. Airlines start to raise their prices 21 days before the flight’s departure.


Think about off-season places as you look at the calendar and the destinations you would like to go to.

Destination Flexibility is Key


Google Flights is a beautiful tool that will enable you to search for deals within a whole month.

Be Flexible with Time and Travel Dates


People tend to be traveling on Fridays, Sundays, and even Mondays. If you want the best deal, fly during the week.

Flying During the Week


Skyscanner scans the internet for the best deals around.

Use Flight Tools


Individuals input airline fares into the computers. Sometimes mistakes happen. Sign-up for some programs like Scott’s Cheap Flights. They will alert you of any error fares or great flight deals.

Look For Error Fares


Last-minute flights can be costly, but you can use points and miles to buy a ticket. These miles can be worth anything from 1.2 cents to 1.5 cents a mile.

Find Deals Using Points and Miles


Try to mix and match different airlines if you notice that one airline has a cheaper flight to your destination while another will have a cheaper flight back.

Find One Way Tickets


In the U.S., budget airlines are not viewed as being glamorous, but they do the trick when you want to get away.

Use Budget Airlines


Kayak and Hopper have an option to turn on alerts that will notify you when a price goes up or down.

Sign Up for Price Alerts


These last-minute flights are typically the most expensive. However, it is possible that a fare may drop within 24 hours to sell more seats.

Book at the Very Last Minute

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