Watkins Glen State Park is located south of Seneca Lake in New York’s scenic Finger Lakes region.

The park has 200-foot cliffs and an astonishing 19 waterfalls. You will trek along stairs, stone bridges, and tunnels as you make your way.

For many visitors, hiking is the main attraction.  The most popular is the Gorge Trail.

The hike is 1.5 miles each way and is a workout as you will navigate over 800 stairs.

There are 12 features you don't want to miss when hiking on this trail.

Sentry Bridge A beautiful stone bridge and overlook can be found near the Main Entrance.

Couch’s Staircase You can climb up 120 stone stairs adorned in lush green ferns.

Point Lookout   An outstanding view of the winding creek.

Cavern Cascade  This may be the most popular spot in the park as you walk behind a waterfall in a narrow section of the trail.

 Suspension Bridge The bridge towers 85 feet above the creek.

Lover’s Lane Lookout  The poured concrete lookout is the lone survivor of the old trail destroyed by a flood in 1935.

 Glen Cathedral  You will see magnificent horizontal layers of sandstone and shale formed by ripples in the water millions of years ago.

Central Cascade  You will gaze upon the highest waterfall in the park, plunging more than 60 feet below.

Rainbow Falls  Plunge pools sit in the creekbed. With sunlight, you will discover stunning rainbows.

Frowning Cliff  The gorge is so narrow here that it is difficult for plants to grow from the lack of light. Ice tends to remain on this portion of the trail through late spring.

Mile Point Bridge  The charming stone bridge marks the one-mile point of the trail.

Jacob’s Ladder  To finish the hike from the lower gorge, you must climb 180 stone stairs to reach the Upper Entrance.

For more information about this beautiful park, including parking and fees, click below.

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