Watkins Glen State Park is located south of Seneca Lake in New York’s scenic Finger Lakes region.

The park has 200-foot cliffs and an astonishing 19 waterfalls. You will trek along stairs, stone bridges, and tunnels as you make your way.

Hiking is the best way to experience the park since it centers on the breathtaking gorge. There are two primary trails: Indian Trail and Gorge Trail.

The Indian Trail, or Rim Trail, tracks along the gorge from above. 

It is 1.5 miles each way. The trail has a steep section near the end, but overall is considered easy.

Do you prefer to be close to the action? Gorge Trail puts you right next to Glen Creek and the flowing waterfalls.

The hike is also 1.5 miles each way. This hike is a workout as you will navigate over 800 stairs. Because of this, the trail is rated moderate.

The view never grows stale as the creek takes you to waterfall after waterfall.

The trail wraps around them so you can graciously admire the waterfalls from different perspectives.

Being so close and personal, views on Gorge Trail are superior. The extra effort to hike Gorge Trail in both directions is unquestionably worthwhile.

Don't forget to look up and see the Suspension Bridge.

You can walk across it from the above Indian Trail. 

For more information about this beautiful park, including best time to visit and fees, click below.

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