2 Types of Adventurous Vacations

More and more people are ditching expensive resort vacations and opting for the excitement and thrill of adventure travel.

Adventure travel involves exploring remote or exotic locations, such as mountains, jungles, or deserts.

When you first hear adventure, your brain may automatically jump to sky-diving, cliff-jumping, and white-water rafting.

Thinking of these activities may lead to immense fear and an adverse reaction to the idea.

Adventure tourism is often classified into two categories: – Hard adventure – Soft adventure

Hard adventure travel involves physically demanding activities like rock climbing, backpacking, white-water rafting, and other extreme sports.

Hard adventure travel is often more dangerous, but the sense of accomplishment and thrill of pushing oneself to the limit can be very rewarding.

Soft adventure travel is less physically demanding but still offers a sense of excitement and exploration.

Examples of soft adventure travel include guided nature walks, horseback riding, wildlife safaris, snorkeling, and sea kayaking.

Soft adventure travel is often suitable for individuals of varying skill levels and is well-suited for families or groups with mixed abilities.

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