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Welcome to one of Chile’s protected landmarks: Torres del Paine National Park.

Torres del Paine National Park is located in the southernmost part of Chile’s Magallanes region.

Part of the Patagonian region shared by Chile and Argentina, this national park has huge significance, as a World Biosphere Reserve.

There are 3 hikes that are not to be missed when visiting this national park.


For hikers and outdoor enthusiasts looking for an incredible day hike, you shouldn’t skip the trail leading up to the base of Las Torres.

Base de Las Torres Hike


This thrilling path combines the best views of nature, including lakes, glaciers, mountains, and forests, all packed into a 5-day trek.

Torres del Paine Circuito “W”


The circuit takes adventurers through breathtaking landscapes, including lagoons, rivers, and panoramic views of mountains and valleys. The path takes approximately 8 to 10 days to finish.

Torres del Paine Circuito “O”

For a complete guide of this national park, including how to get here, click below.

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