5 Best Day Hikes in Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park boasts some of the most scenic and rewarding day hikes in the United States.

This 4.1-mile roundtrip hike takes you to the stunning Emerald Lake and past two other alpine lakes along the way. The hike is moderately challenging, with a total elevation gain of 744 feet.

Emerald Lake Trail:


This 9-mile hike takes you past waterfalls and stunning mountain vistas before ending at Sky Pond. The walk is challenging, with a total elevation gain of 1,750 feet.

Sky Pond Trail:


This 8.4-mile hike takes you to the beautiful Chasm Lake at Longs Peak’s base. The hike is strenuous, with a total elevation gain of 2,450 feet.

Chasm Lake Trail:


This easy 0.6-mile hike takes you around the stunning Bear Lake, offering views of the surrounding mountains and forests.

Bear Lake Nature Trail:


his challenging 15-mile hike takes you to the summit of Longs Peak, the highest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Keyhole Route:


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