5 Types of Homeschool Curriculum

Whether your homeschooling journey is just starting, has yet to begin, or needs a new direction, finding the best tools and resources to support you is essential.

Traditional curriculum

For those who envision something like a public school. Looking to cover the basics (Math, Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts) in a familiar way.

Unit studies curriculum

Revolve around a central topic, covering everything from literacy to mathematics within the context of a shared theme and related experiences.

Charlotte Mason curriculum

The absence of worksheets and textbooks. Students learn through authentic exploration, habit training, and high-quality texts.

Montessori curriculum

Learning is highly practical and involves specific, minimalist learning materials. The tactile activities are designed to prepare learners for the work of everyday life.

Unschooling curriculum

Unschooled children learn entirely at their own pace, based on their own interests.

One of the most attractive and impactful features of homeschooling is the ability to make your own informed choices and follow a plan that works for you.

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