7 Safe  Cat-Friendly Plants

When it’s cat versus houseplant, even the hardiest stems can fall prey to curious—and overly playful—felines.

There is a long list of highly toxic plants and flowers to cats, such as lilies, daffodils, and bird of paradise.

In 2021, plant poisoning was one of top five reasons that pet parents called the Animals’ poison control hotline.

To help you create a cat-friendly home environment, here are seven nontoxic plants that are fun for cats to play with and chew.



The quick-growing, fragrant, and nontoxic alyssum provides ground cover that cats love exploring and nestling in.


Cat grass

Cat grass is a mixture of wheat, barley, oats, or rye seeds that are nontoxic to cats and can be grown indoors.



If you have a cat that doesn’t enjoy catnip, an alternative that can elicit the same kind of reaction is valerian root.


Spider plants

Cats seem to be attracted to the long leaves of these plants, possibly because they resemble grass, making them pleasant to bat and gnaw.



Hoyas are safe for cats to bat and chew, but be mindful of how much they consume.

Silver vine

Silver vine’s scent gets an even stronger response from cats than catnip.


Tatarian Honeysuckle

Like catnip, Tatarian honeysuckle may make cats more playful and hyperactive.


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