How To Keep Dogs Cool In The Summer

The health issues dogs experience during the summer season underscore the dangers of extreme weather — pet parents need to be proactive about their dogs’ safety.

Heat stroke in dogs is a potentially deadly condition, and with the rise in global temperatures, it might become more common.

A common misconception is that shaving a dog’s hair helps keep them cool, but shaving has little effect on cooling them down;

Keep Them Groomed


Taking a dog on a walk at these times reduces the risk of heat stroke.

Limit Walks to Early Mornings and Evenings


Cold treats can keep dogs happy and cool them down when they feel hot and listless.

Give Them Frozen Treats


If a dog’s internal temperature reaches 104 degrees or above, it’s an emergency, and indications of heat exhaustion may appear.

Wrap Them in a Cool Towel


Dogs love splashing in the water to cool down, and swimming is a terrific alternative to walking in the summer heat.

Take Them Swimming


When owners walk their dogs on hot surfaces for too long, they risk getting pad burns, which can cause blistering, tissue loss, and severe pain.

Cover Their Paws


For dog owners unable to find a suitable sunscreen, UV-blocking sun shirts are a good alternative.

Protect Their Skin from the Sun


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