Battery Point Lighthouse is part of Redwood National & State Parks.

Many visitors overlook this attraction when visiting the parks.

It is only accessible at low tide.

It is an island at high tide.

The area often gets foggy.

The beach is very rocky.

This brings opportunities for tide pooling.

At low tide, you can walk across the land bridge to the lighthouse.

After crossing the land bridge, you will see a path leading up to Battery Point Lighthouse.

At the top of the path, you will find a wooden sculpture of a whale and the lighthouse.

Here is the view from the lighthouse.

When you go back across the land bridge, be sure to walk out on the boardwalk.

You may find fish, sea mammals, and birds.

You can find sea stars on the boardwalk support posts.

Nearby, you can find seals and sea lions on floating docks.

Plan your trip to Redwood National & State Parks.

Include Battery Point Lighthouse as part of your visit.