BEST Tips For Flying With A Baby

While it may seem daunting, with some pre-planning, smart packing, and the right mindset, flying with a baby can be a positive part of your adventure.

As there are no one-size fits all advice for every family or every baby, we gathered advice from moms, dads, flight attendants, pilots, and frequent travelers.

Arriving late at your destination with a very tired and cranky baby isn’t the ideal way to start your vacation.

Take a Morning Flight

When you’re flying with a baby, the last thing you want is to miss your connecting flight and be stuck somewhere without your luggage.

Pay More for a Direct Flight

It’s much safer and easier to keep your baby in their car seat than carrying them on your lap.

Buy Them Their Own Seat

Keeping your shoes on your feet and toiletries and electronics in your bag saves time and energy when flying with a baby.

Get TSA Pre-Check

When flying with a baby, make it easy on yourself by creating a grab-and-go pack for diaper changes.

Make an Easy-to-Grab Baby Changing Pack

Despite all the advice to bring more than you need on the plane, don’t apply that same logic to your suitcases and checked luggage.

Use Destination Grocery Delivery to Pack Light

Bring new toys on vacation because they hold interest longer.

Introduce Brand New Toys

If traveling with a partner or friend, board separately. This will give the person a chance to stow the carry-ons. This will stop you from feeling pressured to get things done quickly when people are in a line behind you.

Breakup The Boarding Process

When traveling with a baby, everything takes a bit longer than usual. You may have to pause for a diaper change, a feeding, fix the car seat carrier, or manually inspect the formula bottles at TSA.

Go to The Airport Even Earlier

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