The Blue Ridge Tunnel Trail takes you through a historic railroad tunnel. Bring a flashlight because the tunnel is not lit.

The tunnel is in Rockfish Gap, Virginia where Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway merge.

It has two trailheads. Each has parking spaces and portable toilets.

The eastern trail is level, while the western segment is hilly. The path is 10 feet wide and consists of finely crushed gravel.

The trail has mile markers and is generally rated easy. It is 2.25 miles each way, making for a 4.5 mile out-and-back hike.

The tunnel is nearly a mile long. Gazing into the tunnel, the opposite end looks like a pinhole.

Water constantly drips from the top and sides.

Here is a closer look at the tunnel walls.

With water running into the tunnel, the trail has puddles and ruts for you to navigate. Did we mention to bring a flashlight?

Nearing the tunnel exit, your heart will slow back down as you enjoy the lovely view.

Hiking the Blue Ridge Tunnel is a wonderful experience. Plan your adventure!