with a pet?

can you travel to the bahamas

It’s not always practical to leave your pet at home when traveling.

You can travel to the Bahamas with a pet, provided you meet specific criteria which prove the pet is healthy.

Some breeds of dogs aren’t permitted to travel to the Bahamas:

– Pitbulls – Presa Canario – Staffordshire Terrier – Cane Corso – American Bulldogs

There are some important regulations for traveling to the Bahamas with a pet.

Your pet must have an import permit. The import permit must be applied for directly with the Bahamas government.

Your pet must be six months of age or older.

The pet must have received the one-year vaccination more than one month and less than ten months before the travel date.

As part of the permit application, you’ll receive a veterinary health certificate that a licensed veterinarian must complete 24 hours before you travel.

The cost to fly with a pet varies, but American Airlines charges $125 for a carry-on kennel as a guideline.

Things to consider:

No major cruise lines permit you to sail to the Bahamas with a pet.

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