The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden has over 500 animal & 3,000 plant species. We outline 11 animals you will love.


You can feed the gentle giants.


You can get in the enclosed area with the kangaroos.


You can see the hippos below and above water.


The adorable meerkats stare at you inquisitively and cuddle together.


River otters swim through hoops for you.

Blue Morpho 

The beautiful blue morpho's wingspan can reach 8 inches.

Komodo dragon

The world's largest lizard flicks his forked tongue.


You will smile as the sea cows peacefully float by the glass to say hello.

Painted dogs

The African painted dogs display their patchy coats as they pace around.


Penguins waddle around and splash into the water.

Arctic foxes

Their fur changes colors with the seasons.

Cincinnati Zoo

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