Whether you’d prefer to explore vibrant and culturally-rich cities in Colombia like Medellin and Bogotá or a beachy getaway on the Caribbean coast, you’ll have plenty to choose from in Colombia.

From the soaring mountains of the Andes to world-class beaches with fine white sand, Colombia has everything you could ask for to make for a perfect family getaway.

Families with young children looking for a beach getaway will find Cartagena to be the best place for their dream tropical vacation.

This booming Caribbean city is easily accessible with frequent flights from the United States and around the rest of Colombia.

Cartagena is packed with historical landmarks, quaint restaurants serving local and international fare, and plenty to see and do, making it a top choice for traveling families.

For families with slightly older children, take a speedboat from Cartagena out to the Rosario Islands for great swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking.

Families with older children looking for a bit more of an adventure., take the four-day Ciudad Perdida trek through the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains and go ziplining through the jungle canopy.

Or, practice your Spanish, learn to dance salsa, and explore Colombia’s rich history in off-the-beaten-path cities like Barranquilla or Popayán.

While you’ll find plenty of high-end and luxury travel options in Colombia, especially in Cartagena, you’ll be surprised just how far you can stretch your travel dollar.

With abundant and cheap public transportation, affordable accommodations, and delicious local meals, you’ll save hundreds and have an even more memorable trip than you might elsewhere.

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