Crafts For The Perfect Little Gardner

It’s time to get out the craft supplies. Crafts for kids are a great way to connect with kids of all ages.

These crafts are a great way to excite your kids about the garden.


DIY Seed Paper

Make seed paper hearts using the seeds you’re about to plant to add something extra. All you need is tissue paper, scissors, and a dab of glue.


Flower Pot Dessert

Fill a pot with chocolate pudding, crunched-up cookies and add a couple of gummy worms to the top layer.


Terrarium Necklace

It brings nature right to your heart, and it’s unique. You’ll need mini glass jars, seeds, dirt, and twine.


Garden Markers

Paint rocks using acrylic paint and thin paintbrushes. Write out the name of each item planted in your garden, or paint a picture instead.


Build a Bird Feeder

Stop at your local craft store and pick up a premade birdfeeder to paint. Your little one will have fun filling it with birdseed and watching birds all spring.

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