Denali is a dream trip that offers the tallest mountain in North America, untamed wilderness, and unique wildlife.

You can get there by train from Anchorage or Fairbanks.

A glass dome gives you an amazing view.

Here is a view from the train.

Flightseeing tours are available through outside vendors.

Here is a view from a helicopter of the Denali area.

You can see Dall sheep on the mountains. 

Since our video was not clear, here is a look at the Dall sheep display in the park's visitor center.

Denali is the only national park with working sled dogs.

You can see the husky pups race.

Grizzly bears can be seen in the park.

You may find magpies in the Savage River area.

Caribou live in the park.

You can also see moose.

Here you can see a bull moose cross the road.

Denali is often hidden by clouds.

Only 30% of visitors get to see it. Here is a partial view.

Denali is a bucket list destination.

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