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Most people think of this kind of trail, but Ohio's Butler County Donut Trail has 13  bakeries sprinkled throughout and offers scrumptious donuts and sweet treats. No hiking is required.

So grab your passport at the Butler County website and record your progress with eating pastries at each donut shop on the sweet trail. You also get a reward when you finish. 

Known for:  Cinnamon squares and their famous “Uglies.”

Central Pastry Shop


Location: 1518 Central Avenue, Middletown, OH 45044

Known for:  making only donuts and often sell out early

Holtman’s Donuts

–  Location: 9558 Civic Centre Blvd, West Chester, OH 45069


Customers regularly rave about their in-house roasted coffees and decorated treats

Jupiter Coffee and Donuts

–  Location: 5353 Dixie Highway, Fairfield, OH 45014


Must try: Buckeye, Maple. Bacon, Fruity Pebbles and S'mores

Kelly’s Bakery

–  Location: 1335 Main Street, Hamilton, OH 45013


Many locals claim these are the best donuts they have ever tasted.

Martin’s Donuts

–  Location: 4 W. State Street,         Trenton, OH 45067


Elegantly decorated with icing, some donut varieties belong in an art museum.

Milton’s Donuts

–  Location: – 3533 Roosevelt Blvd, Middletown, OH 45044


Their Reese’s donut is a must-have treat if you like peanut butter.

Mimi’s Lil’ Kitchen

–  Location: –2267 Millville Avenue,            Hamilton, OH 45013


This is pre-stamped on your passport and listed as optional, but DO NOT miss.

Oxford Doughnut Shoppe

–  Location: 120 S. Locust Street, Oxford, OH 45056


The glazed donuts and donut holes melt in your mouth. So good they have 2 locations.

Ross Bakery

–  Location: - 4421 Hamilton Cleves Rd,       Hamilton, OH 45013 -Location - 1051 Eaton Avenue,       Hamilton, OH 45013


Popular items include cake donuts decorated with either sprinkles or M&Ms and pineapple fritters.

Stan the Donut Man

–  Location: - 967 Cincinnati Dayton Rd,       West Chester, OH 45069


Classics like the glazed donut or a frosted chocolate donut with sprinkles are popular.

The Donut Dude

–  Location: - 7132 Cincinnati Dayton Rd       Liberty Township, OH 45069


They carry various cream-filled, custard-filled, and jelly-filled yeast donuts.

The Donut Hole by Milton’s Donuts

–  Location: - 8268 Princeton Glendale Rd       West Chester, OH 45069


Customers often line up before the bakery opens at 3am.

The Donut Spot

–  Location: - 5130 Pleasant Avenue,          Fairfield, OH 45014


For a map of the trail and passport information, click below.