Everglades National Park is a river of grass teeming with wildlife.

In Shark Valley,  you can take an airboat tour.

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Everglades is both beautiful & scary. It is essentially a zoo without barriers.

Beautiful: A great egret walks along the river of grass.

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Scary: An alligator lurks in the water just off the path.

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Many types of birds, including the great blue heron, inhabit the Everglades.

The purple gallinule uses lily pads to walk across water.

The river of grass is crystal clear. You can see gar swimming in the water.

Snakes may slither near the path.

Turtles, like alligators, can be seen basking in the sun.

Manatees are occasionally spotted in Flamingo.

Crocodiles also can be found in Flamingo.

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