Family vacations can be stressful. We offer family travel tips to make your vacation fun and relaxing.

It limits your flexibility, adding stress.

Do Not Pre-book Everything

Wet Wipes

Pack your best defense against sticky fingers and germs.

Ensure Passports Are Valid

To avoid any bad surprises, make sure your passports and visas are valid before the trip.

Schedule Night Flights

Take a late night flight when kids are more likely to sleep. With a peaceful night, you will have more energy when you arrive at your destination.

Be Last on the Plane

Although it is nice to board early, do not put young kids in confined spaces any longer than necessary.

Find Kid-Friendly Restaurants

Locate kid-friendly restaurants before your trip. It will make life easier when everyone is tired after a long day.

Carry on Luggage

Here are a few things to pack for the flight or ride: - Snacks - iPad - Soft toys - Books

Carry on Luggage

Do not take on these on the plane: - Small toys with detachable parts - Sticky toys - Messy toys

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