You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how close Belize is to home.

Belize is one of the most unique destinations in the Americas, a highlight for travelers looking to experience a mix of travel experiences in one unforgettable vacation.

Located just south of Mexico on the Yucatán Peninsula, Belize is located in Central America, though it is much more similar to a Caribbean island in many ways.

Home to lush tropical jungle, Mayan ruins, white-sand islets, and the second-largest reef in the entire world, Belize will surprise you with just how much it has to offer – all packed into a tiny country the size of Massachusetts.

You’ll find Belize resorts ranging from ultra-exclusive private islands to family-friendly beach resorts with kids’ clubs and water sports to keep all family members engaged.

Excursions like day trips to remote coral atolls and flying over Belize’s world-famous Great Blue Hole are once-in-a-lifetime activities you’ll enjoy sharing with the whole family.

While most visitors to Belize come to explore its reefs and relax on white sand beaches, don’t skip out on what the rest of the country has to offer.

In its verdant interior, you’ll find great adventure activities older kids will love, like: – Tubing through caves – Ziplining – Hiking to jungle    waterfalls

An array of lodges and guesthouses, many markedly eco-friendly, dot Belize’s most picturesque jungle landscapes and make this stunning area of the country more accessible than ever.

With direct flights to Belize City from cities across the United States, you could be sitting poolside with a drink in hand just a few hours after leaving home.

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