Our nation’s capital houses enough attractions to keep you busy for days. Those walking miles add up quickly and can leave you feeling tired.

How did we power through? One word, Coffee!

Dua DC Coffee

 Location:  923 15th Street NW, Washington  DC 20005

At a glance, Dua DC Coffee is a cute coffee shop. Although small, it is a gem. Dua DC Coffee is the first Indonesian specialty coffee shop in DC.

It sources single-origin beans from various Indonesian islands, making for unique and luscious coffees. Do yourself a favor and check this place out.

Behind the counters, you will discover a wall of white bricks displaying the menu of coffee drinks in black lettering. It looks clean, modern, and inviting.

The shop offers every espresso drink you can think of, including the piccolo.

They have a healthy selection of pour-over coffee blends and teas, including peach, hibiscus, matcha, and chai.

Popular drinks include the brown latte, mint mocha, and matcha mango. The brown latte, a personal favorite, delights your tongue with heavenly brown sugar and molasses notes.

Dua DC Coffee also delivers unique food offerings, including scones, croissants, and savory empanadas.

Try the Pischok, a crispy spring roll with banana slices and chocolate filling.

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