Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio has 7 hiking areas with beautiful scenery.  The trails vary in distance and difficulty. There are amazing hikes for all ability levels.

Rock House is a 1.0 mile moderate hike. The cave is 200 feet long and offers spectacular views.

View from inside Rock House.

Conkle's Hollow has two options. Gorge Trail (shown here) is an easy 0.75 mile hike.   Rim Trail is a 2.0 mile strenuous hike.

Ash Cave is a moderate 0.5 mile hike. You will see the largest recess cave in Ohio.

Ash Cave is 90-ft tall with a seasonal waterfall.

Old Man's Cave is a moderate 1.5 mile hike with bridges, tunnels, caves and waterfalls.

Many hikers skip the 0.1 mile detour to Broken Rock Falls at Old Man's Cave. The detour is worth it!

Cedar Falls is a moderate 0.5 mile hike. By volume, Cedar Falls is the greatest waterfall in Hocking Hills.

Whispering Cave is a moderate 5.0 mile hike.  On your way, you will see beautiful scenery like this.

Cantwell Cliffs is a 2.0 mile hike that is rated moderate to strenuous.

You may see a small waterfall at Cantwell Cliffs.

Hocking Hills has amazing hikes for all ability levels.  Plan your hiking adventure in southeast Ohio!