How Days Can Fish Go Without Food?

Aquarium keeping can be a very fulfilling hobby, though it can be high maintenance.

There are different answers to the question of how long fish can go without food while you travel, depending on the fish species and how long you’ll be gone.


An iconic choice for small ponds and large aquariums, this hardy fish can go for two weeks (14 days) without feeding.


This colorful and vibrant fish is a top choice for many freshwater aquariums because of its unique appearance. This species can go for two weeks (14 days) without food.


This species is a common choice for 10-gallon fish tanks because they are hardy, colorful, relatively inexpensive, and last for two weeks (14 days) without food.


These small, peaceful, and highly varied fish are a good choice for a beginner community tank. They can go for one week (7 days) without food.


This fish is well-loved by beginners and veterans alike for their distinctive tail shape and striking coloration. A hardy species, they can survive one to two weeks (7 to 14 days) without food.


 While adults can survive up to two weeks (14 days) without food, molly fries can last only a few days. That’s important since mollies often breed quickly.


A popular choice as a schooling fish for planted community aquariums. They can thrive for a week (7 days) without proper feeding.

Some of the more fragile species (catfish, discus fish, or some cichlids like angelfish, for example) can’t live for more than a few days without food before dying.

Herbivores, such as algae eaters (corydoras, loaches, etc.), don’t have large stomachs, and they have to be fed more often.

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