Is my food choice healthy?  Is added sugar lurking within? Is it organic? GMO? Fair trade?

We all strain our eyes to decipher food labels — although we know we can’t necessarily trust them.

FDA require­ments for nutrient-content claims are tough to decipher.

What does  “Fat-Free” mean?

Leaving aside the quality of the fat, a “fat-free”  designation doesn’t mean that a product actually has zero fat.

Just that it has a smaller amount: 500 mg per serving.

“Low fat” means a product has no more than 3 grams per serving.

“Reduced fat” means a food has at least 25 percent less fat than its regular counterpart.

But ­remember: If a product boasts reduced fat, it usually has other ingredients making up for the loss in flavor, such as salt or sugar.

For more help on  reading food labels and what they mean, click below.

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