IMPORTANT TIPS When Arriving In Cancun

Cancun’s airport is the gateway to the Yucatan Peninsula, but it’s important to familiarize yourself with this airport and how to stay safe.

You can book a private taxi when arriving at any of the commercial airline terminals, but book one inside the airport.

Taking a taxi outside of the Cancun airport isn’t safe.  There’s a higher risk of the taxis being pirate cabs.

The drivers often: – Charge more money – Give you a terrible exchange rate – Refuse to give back change when you pay with cash

Regardless of how you arrange your pre-booked transfer, ask the company how they’ll identify you.

Typically, the driver will hold a sign with your group’s name in the exit area of the airport. However, imposters may copy the sign, hoping you’ll see them first.

So, it’s best to ask the driver to give you details about your booking that the imposter can’t possibly know, such as your full name.

Uber doesn’t operate at the Cancun airport because traditional taxi drivers were attacking Ubers, creating a dangerous situation for drivers and passengers.

As for using ATMs, like in many destinations, some bad apples in Cancun install card readers on ATMs.

Some best practice tips to ensure your trip starts and ends on a positive note are:

– Take out cash at ATMs inside the airport or inside banks – Keep your passport locked in a safe – Carry a copy of your passport when exploring

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