TOP 25 Most Popular US Cities

Whether you are looking to  venture along a bustling waterfront, or satisfy your taste buds with a culinary tour, you’ll find a plethora of top cities to visit.


Exquisite sunsets and a stunning coastline make this Sunshine State city a wonderful getaway for all ages.

Jacksonville, Florida


Important historical sites beckon in one of the oldest cities in the union and our country’s first capital.



For live music, the neon sign-lined Beale Street mesmerizes by night, with crowds packing the sidewalk and its many clubs and bars.

Memphis, Tennessee


A big sports city with many professional and collegiate teams, Charlotte is also home to NASCAR.

Charlotte, North Carolina


No city serves up an around-the-clock experience like Vegas.

Las Vegas


Historic architecture fans will relish San Antonio’s well-preserved offerings.

San Antonio


One of the country’s biggest college towns teeming with bars and restaurants catering to its large student population, making it a fun city for a night out into the wee hours.



The city is rich in culture, music, cuisine, architecture, and of course its world-famous party atmosphere in the French Quarter.

New Orleans


Generally sunny skies, a Rocky Mountains backdrop, and an array of attractions make it appealing any time of year.



Broadway offers wall-to-wall bars and restaurants with live music, many owned by famous country singers, including Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa and Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row.

Nashville, Tennessee

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