From the rugged coast of Maine to the serene beauty of Alaska, the United States is full of incredible backpacking destinations.

The Kesugi Ridge in Denali State Park offers some of the most stunning views to be found anywhere in Alaska.

It is a must-see for any backpacker looking for a challenging yet rewarding experience.

This is the home of Denali, also known as Mount McKinley. It is the tallest mountain in North America at 20,310 feet.

You’ll definitely want to hike the Kesugi Ridge during summer; as you can imagine, winters in Alaska are harsh.

The hike begins at Byers Lake Trailhead and winds through forests, meadows, and tundra before reaching an elevation of 3,400 feet.

Along the way, hikers are treated to breathtaking views of Denali and Mount Foraker on clear days. You can also spot wildlife such as: – Moose – Bears – Caribou – Marmots

The trail spans roughly 24 miles and takes two to three days to complete.

Camping sites abound near Byers Lake so that hikers have plenty of places to rest overnight along their journey up Kesugi Ridge.

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