Old Man's Cave is a large recess cave located in Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio.

Old Man's Cave has scenic trails with wooded hills, various rock formations and gorgeous waterfalls. This may be the best hike in Ohio.

With good reason, Upper Falls is the most photographed spot in the park.

Swirling waters pour into Devil's Bathtub, a deep, bowl-shaped basin.

Middle Falls is located below Old Man's Cave. Although small, her heavenly sounds add to the majesty of the recess cave.

Broken Rock Falls requires a short detour hike but is well worth your time.

A good rainfall will reveal bonus waterfalls such as this one.   These treasures are not shown on the park maps.

You will also encounter bridges,

tunnels and more.

Experience the best hike in Ohio for yourself.   Adventure awaits you in Old Man's Cave!