organize your life with a 

bullet journal

Have you started a bullet journal to help you get things done? There’s much more you can do with this notebook.

Every bullet journal should contain a list of your goals for the year. Seeing them will compel you to change.

A List of Goals

Add your goals to the leaves of a plant growing upwards.

Put your goals in bubbles that float across a two-page spread.

Create stairs with tasks to complete on the way to achieving your goal.

Keep your task list at the back of your bullet journal so it’s out of the way, and you can flip to them quickly.

To-Do List

– Grocery list – List of chores – Project list – Recurring tasks or daily tasks – Manage your appointments

Then, prioritize them with a simple ABC system.

Your habits define who you are. So if you want to be better, you need better habits.

Habit Tracker

1. List the dates down the margin  2. Write your habits across the     top of the page

Habit trackers are simple to set up

If you use it correctly, you can diagnose your moods and find powerful strategies to spend more of your time in a better mood.

Mood Tracker

– In the margin, add the days of    the month. – Along the top, add “M,” “A,”    and “E” to track your mood for    morning, afternoon, and    evening. – Next, add activities to track    your mood against.

The real magic of the mood tracker comes not from just tracking your mood but from what you track your mood against.

– Exercise – Alcohol consumption – Reading – Work – A specific hobby – Meeting a family    member or friend

By spending a little time at the start of the week, you can plan your meals and make them healthy and tasty.

Meal Planner

The most important habit for both our bodies and minds is exercise.  Using an exercise planner will help you stay consistent.

Exercise Planner

Staying hydrated is a crucial habit for anyone who wants to optimize. Its benefits extend to: – Focus – Concentration – Energy – Digestive issues – Strength levels

Hydration Tracker

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