PROS AND CONS: Visiting Salem in October

There is something special about October. Cool temperatures and brightly colored leaves warm our hearts.

Salem, a sleepy coastal town in Essex County, Massachusetts, is a bucket list destination for many travelers during this time of year.

Why should you stay home during Salem’s busy season?

Salem receives most of its visitors in October. It is dubbed the Halloween capital of America for a reason.

The city regularly sees a half million to one million visitors in October.

Driving is a nightmare. Narrow streets with lines of cars and thousands of pedestrians.

People regularly wait an hour or longer to enter the area stores. Your wait for many local restaurants can be up to two hours.

During Salems’ busy season, accommodations are limited and any available lodgings will be more expensive.

If you want to capture a perfect selfie or a family photo next to a historical landmark, forget about it.

People swarm to these sites, like an organized photobomb.

Why should you consider traveling to Salem during its busiest month of the year?

October regularly displays gorgeous gold, crimson, and orange hues. Salem looks like a picture-perfect painting.

Witch City boasts the world’s largest Halloween celebration.

With so many people in the area, the extra decorations and additional activities generate a contagious energy.

If driving to Salem in October terrifies you, Boston provides public transportation alternatives by train and ferry.

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