You can see the world's tallest trees in Redwood National & State Parks, California.

Some redwoods have exceeded 370 ft.

Big Tree, shown here, is 286 ft tall and nearly 24 ft in diameter.

Coastal redwoods have shallow roots.  They often grow in clusters for better support.

Despite being so tall, redwood cones are only the size of a large olive.

You can see Roosevelt elk, the largest elk in North America.

Scenic drives are a popular way to explore the park.

Howland Hill Road is beautiful, but bumpy and narrow.

Newton B Drury Scenic Pkwy is a smooth road with many giant trees and places to stop.

Hiking is a great way to explore the park. 

There are a few hollow trees that you can walk in or through.

Battery Point Lighthouse is often overlooked.  It is only accessible at high tide, but is part of the park.

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