The Coldest Place on Earth

Despite the bone-chilling temperatures, the coldest places on Earth possess an otherworldly charm that captivate adventurous people.

The coldest place on Earth is the East Antarctic Plateau, particularly Dome A, a ridge with an area almost the size of Australia.

The region sees temperatures drop to as low as -128.6°F (-89.2°C). A satellite recorded this temperature in August 2010.

Despite the frigid temperatures, the air in Dome A is some of the Earth’s driest due to the lack of moisture in such cold environments.

Owing to its remote location and extreme cold, only a few people have ever visited or conducted research here.

The harsh conditions make it next to impossible for any form of life to survive. Only a few species of fungi and bacteria are known to exist here.

This region is of great interest to scientists to understand how life adapts to extreme environments.

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