– Location: Building 999    Marine Drive, San    Francisco, CA 94129 – Entrance Fee: $0

Fort Point National Historic Site

The Fort Point National Historic Site sits at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge, providing a unique perspective of the engineering marvel.

Although an excellent reason to visit, the park brings much more to the table with its rich history.

The Civil War-era fortress is the only brick fort on America’s West Coast.

A critical defensive stronghold, the fort defended San Francisco Bay after California’s famous Gold Rush through World War II.

Engineers used the fort as their headquarters while building the Golden Gate Bridge in the 1930s.

The weathered Fort Point Lighthouse was built in 1864 and dutifully lit the shores until 1934.

You can tour the fort alone or with a  ranger-guided tour and talk, where you learn about its history and significance.

While touring the fort’s three levels, you will discover casemates, cannons, and soldier quarterss

The top tier yields spectacular views of the bridge and San Francisco Bay.

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