Things to do at Acadia  National Park

Acadia National Park is located in Maine and there are so many adventures to explore.

Scenic Drive

Drive the scenic 27-mile Park Loop Road. You will find parking areas near overlooks with beautiful vistas, points of interest, and hiking trails.

Bicycling on Carriage Roads

You can ride a bike along miles of carriage roads with finely crushed stone. These paths wind throughout the park, providing peaceful, lovely views.

Cadillac Mountain

Embark on the three-mile drive on Cadillac Summit Road to ascend the mountain. The summit is the highest point in the park, yielding magnificent views.


Acadia National Park boasts the ability of visitors to be the first to observe sunrise in the United States.


The park offers summit, coastal, lake, and forest trails.

Explore Bar Harbor

A quaint town serving as a gateway to Acadia National Park.You can savor lobster dishes and every blueberry concoction under the sun.

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