Things to do at dry tortugas  National Park

Dry Tortugas National Park is located in Florida and there are so many adventures to explore.

Since Dry Tortugas National Park sits 70 miles west of Key West, visiting the park requires additional planning. The only way to get there is by seaplane, ferry, or private boat.


Remember to look for marine life when taking a refreshing swim and enjoying the beautiful view.


You will have close views of the Florida Keys reef system, the world’s third-largest.

Birding and Wildlife Watching

Frigate birds and sooty terns nest here. These two unique birds do not nest anywhere else in the continental United States.

Five turtle species inhabit the area: – Green – Loggerhead – Kemp’s Ridley – Hawksbill – Leatherback

Explore Loggerhead Key

The largest of the seven islands, you will find Little Africa, a massive coral reef teeming with tropical fish.

Explore Fort Jefferson

Astonishingly, the massive fort consists of more than 16 million bricks, making it the largest masonry structure in the western hemisphere.

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