TIPS For Visiting Rocky Mountain National Park

With towering peaks, serene lakes, and abundant wildlife, the Rocky Mountain National Park offers opportunity to immerse themselves in nature’s beauty.

Fly into Denver International Airport, then drive to the park.

How to reach the park:

Late spring to early fall (June to September) when the weather is mild, and the trails are open.

Best time to visit:

Campgrounds such as Moraine Park Campground or Glacier Basin Campground. For a lodging options like The Stanley Hotel or Della Terra Mountain Chateau are available nearby.

Places to stay:

Check out local restaurants in the nearby towns of Estes Park and Grand Lake. The Dunraven Inn and The Grubsteak Restaurant are popular options.

Local food & restaurants:

Scenic drives such as Trail Ridge Road, and scenic views of the Rocky Mountains. A must-see destination is the popular Bear Lake Trailhead.

Tourist Attractions:

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