TIPS To Overcome Travel Anxiety

Travel anxiety is when you feel uneasy about travel. You don’t need to have an anxiety disorder to experience travel anxiety.

Given all the unknowns during a journey, this feeling is normal and not uncommon.


By meditating regularly while at home, you will be well equipped to meditate while you travel – thus helping you stay calm and focus your mind away from anxious thoughts.



Knowing that you have help with navigating a new place, dealing with the crowds, and the craziness can go a long way to making the entire experience less stressful.

Travel with a companion


Sometimes a good outcome occurs because we imagine it. Imagine arriving at your destination safely and a smooth flight, and think positively about the experience.

Practice positivity


One way to reduce anxiety is to write down your thoughts. Seeing them in  black and white can also help you view them objectively and give you a new perspective.



Often, anxiety comes up because we are worried about what may happen. Identify what you know you can control and try to plan around that.

Plan ahead and prepare


If you know you have a big trip coming up, then connecting with someone and working on your travel anxiety before you leave can go a long way toward helping you relax.

Speak with a professional


Don’t do drugs, of course, but something to help you sleep or relax can reduce travel anxiety and help pass the time. Herbal teas put your mind at ease.

Take supplements 


Calm those brain waves with soothing tunes. Music can work wonders!

Listen to calming music 


While alcohol does have a calming effect, it can also disinhibit you. Also avoiding caffeine. Being wide awake and hyperaware of your surroundings can further exacerbate your anxiety.

Avoid alcohol & caffeine


The hardest part of any flight is passing the time, You can control this! Take things with you to help keep you distracted. Books, arts & crafts, games to play and watch movies.

Take distractions


You can’t predict how your trip will go; all you can do is focus on the present.

Practice mindfulness


Deep breathing exercises can help you decrease your stress hormones, reduce your heart rate and help your muscles relax.

Use deep breathing techniques

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