TOP 11 Summer Festivals

The weather is warm, the sun is shining, the kids are out of school, and there is no shortage of things to do!

From family-friendly fairs to outdoor adventures to dozens of music festivals, it’s hard to know where to start and what activities to choose.


Boston Art & Music Soul Festival

Boston is known for many things, but one of the newer and more exciting things it is becoming known for is the Boston Art & Music Soul Festival that takes place in Franklin Park from June 22-24.


GoPro Mountain Games - Vail, Colorado

A weekend-long event between June 8-11, Vail brings together sports, music, arts, and food in a festival that takes place surrounded by mountains and greenery.


National Cherry Festival – Traverse City, Michigan

You can spend over a week indulging in pies, tarts, drinks, and anything else cherry that you could imagine.


Hiero Day – Oakland, California

If you’re a hip-hop, art, or dance fan then you should be spending September at the annual Hiero Day Festival in Oakland—home to the Black Panther Party.


Outside Lands – San Francisco

A festival that combines the perfect blend of cross-genre music, gourmet food, and larger-than-life art installations smack in the middle of the world-famous Golden Gate Park.


Roswell UFO Festival – Roswell, New Mexico

The entire town feels dedicated to the belief in the unknown and allows you to tap into the inner child in all of us who believed that we weren’t alone.


Refuge Outdoor Festival – Carnation, Washington

Planned events combine outdoor activities, holistic healing, music, performance art, and workshops with a social sciences focus.


Life is Beautiful Festival –  Las Vegas

Downtown Las Vegas transforms from Sept. 22-24 to become a neon-coated festival paradise that you definitely want to leave the kids at home for.


Waynestock – New River Gorge, West Virginia

Taking place from June 8-11, the festival has a mixture of indie bands from all over the country playing against the backdrop of a rushing river.


Festival Latino – Columbus, Ohio

It brings together a mixture of music, art, dance, and of course, food—all under the premise of celebrating Latinos have made to the city, state, and country.


Farm-to-Fork Festival – Sacramento, California

Voted the “best place to live in California in 2023” by Forbes, Sacramento is home to some of the biggest music festivals.

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