TOP 4  Premier Hiking Destinations

More and more people are ditching expensive resort vacations and opting for the excitement and thrill of adventure travel.

Adventure travel involves exploring remote or exotic locations, such as mountains, jungles, or deserts.

Once you start adventure planning, you’ll quickly realize you can find epic hikes all around you.

From the large-scale National Parks to your local State Parks, there’s natural beauty in every corner.

This is an iconic multi-day hike through the scenic Alps. You’ll pass through Switzerland, France, and Italy throughout your journey.

The Tour du Mont Blanc

Most of these hikes take between 3 and 5 nights, depending on your chosen route.

Trek to  Machu Picchu

The entire trail stretches across 2,650 miles and typically takes thru-hikers about five months to finish.

Thru-hike on the Pacific Crest Trail

Located on Vancouver Island, you’ll find the secluded 27.6 North Coast Trail. You’ll pass through muddy bogs, thick forest paths, spectacular views, and sandy beaches.

North Coast Trail

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