TOP 5 Cities For Boomers

Whether you are looking to  venture along a bustling waterfront, or satisfy your taste buds with a culinary tour, you’ll find a plethora of top cities to visit.

For the TOP 25 Cities in the US, here are the 5 best cities for Boomers.

Steps away is the city’s famed River Walk, a 15-mile urban waterway where you can hop on a boat to take in the city’s charming sights and sounds.

San Antonio

Denver’s generally sunny skies, a Rocky Mountains backdrop, and an array of attractions make it appealing any time of year.


Home to the famed Garden of the Gods, where you could spend the day exploring its miles of trails and awesome red rock formations.

Colorado Springs

You’ll find many beautiful beaches, from La Jolla Shores at the northern end to South Mission Beach down the coastline.

San Diego

Wall-to-wall bars and restaurants with live music, many owned by famous country singers.


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