TOP 7 Coldest Places on Earth

Despite the bone-chilling temperatures, the coldest places on Earth possess an otherworldly charm that captivate adventurous people.

These are places where the breath’s droplets will crystallize even as you exhale, and exposed skin will freeze in minutes.


-87°F  North Ice, Greenland

A joint effort of the United States and Denmark, the primary purpose was for meteorology, glaciology, and atmospheric sciences.


-90°F  Verkhoyansk, Russia

It is considered the northern “Pole of Cold” and is inhabited by over 1,000 people.


-93.3°F  Klinck Research Station, Greenland

Established in 2003, this research station sits at 10,187 feet. Greenland’s highest point.


-100°F  Denali, Alaska

The coldest recorded temperature in the United States, a bone-chilling -100°F, was measured by a thermometer placed at the 15,000-foot.


-117°F  Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica

People who live and work at the station witness one sunrise and one sunset a year.


-128.6°F  Vostok Research Station, Antarctica

Also among the sunniest places on Earth, with over 22 hours of sunlight in December.


-128.6°F  Eastern Antarctic Plateau

The harsh conditions make it next to impossible for any form of life to survive. Only a few species of fungi and bacteria are known to exist here.

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