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The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden was founded in 1873, but officially opened in 1875.  It is considered to be the second oldest zoo in America.

The zoo is home to more than 500 animal and 3,000 plant species.


Walking through Roo Valley is an amazing experience.  You are actually in the enclosed area with the kangaroos.

Roo Valley


Manatee Springs brings a feeling of serenity.  When manatees swim toward the glass, kids light up with joy trying to touch them.

Manatee Springs

Home to the most famous hippopotamus on the planet, Fiona is now 5 year old. and her little  brother Fritz is becoming just as popular..


Hippo Cove

This beautiful area is home to Big John.  TIP: make sure to visit him around 2:00 when he likes to do his famous ROAR.


Africa Lions

They look a bit like our domesticated friends.Watching them pace around the habitat is quite entertaining.  Your kids will likely want to take one home.


Painted Dogs

It is a treat to see giraffes up close.  For $4.00, you can literally have them eating out of your hand.



Meerkats capture everyone’s attention when they stand tall on their hind legs and stare at you with inquisitive eyes.  You can see meerkats crawl through tubes and cuddle together in groups.



The world’s largest lizard can be up to 10 feet long.  Watching him repeatedly flick his long, forked tongue is freaky.


Komodo Dragon

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