TOP africa cocktail recipes

With cocktail culture exploding worldwide, here are some amazing cocktails  to try at home or drinks to look for on your travels!

marrakech mule

Morocco is famous for its wide range of flavors and drinks. This Mule is the perfect cocktail representation for the country and worth trying.

Marrakech mule

INGREDIENTS: – 3 oz Marrakesh mint tea – 1 oz 6-year-old El Dorado silver rum – ½ oz ginger liqueur – ½ oz Chambord – Skewer of mint and garnish

You can serve this drink hot or cold. If serving hot, add in the ingredients as soon as the tea is made and still hot. If serving cold, then let the tea cool before including the liquor.


In Kenya, Dawa means “magic potion” in Swahili or something so potent it can cure all ailments.


INGREDIENTS: – 2 oz vodka – Crushed ice – 1 whole lime, cut into quarters – 1 Dawa stick, twisted in creamed honey

Place lime with sugar into your cocktail shaker. Muddle limes with sugar, then add ice and pour in the vodka. Next, take your Dawa stick and swirl it into some honey, then add the honey-coated stick to the drink.


This non-alcoholic drink is an excellent option at parties. You get the beautiful flavors of a delicious cocktail, and it’s also a way for your non-drinker guests to enjoy.


INGREDIENTS: – 6 cups carbonated orange drink  – 6 cups carbonated clear beverage  – 1 medium cucumber, sliced – 1 lime, sliced – ¾ cup Grenadine syrup – 1 tablespoon Angostura bitters – Ice cubes

Place cucumber and lime slices into a clean pitcher, then pour in orange and clear carbonated drinks. Add the bitters and grenadine syrup. Stir well, chill for about 2 hours, then serve over ice.


This shooter comes from South Africa. The layered shot has two colors, green and off-white, mimicking the colors of the national rugby team, the Springboks.


INGREDIENTS: – Crème de menthe – Amarula cream liqueur

In a shot glass, pour in equal parts of each. Enjoy!

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