TOP Family Travel Tips

Family vacations have the potential to be something that your children will hold dear for their whole lives.

Still, they can also be disasters that make you never want to get on a plane again.

When you pass a play park, you want the choice to stay and play and not to say, “No, we have to be across town in five minutes!”

Don’t Pre-book Everything

Packing wet wipes is great for on the plane when the kids get sticky fingers; you don’t want to be getting up to wash them in the bathrooms.

Wet Wipes

There’s an alternative you can use to lighten those suitcases – buy it there.

Buy It There

Even if your passport is valid, many countries will only issue a visa if it has at least six months until it expires.

Ensure Your Visas and Passports Are Valid

The last thing you want to do is arrive home without seeing all the sights you want.

Take It Slow

Finding somewhere to accommodate children, with activities for them or a small play area, will make a much more enjoyable evening when you travel.

Find Kid-Friendly Restaurants

Most people fall into the trap of looking for the cheapest flight online but paying an extra twenty bucks to fly at the right time will be worth it.

Schedule Night Flights

If your trip is more flexible or you are going to multiple places, booking one-way flights is a fantastic way to have the vacation you want.

Book One-Way Flights

Rather than getting a taxi to your hotel from the airport and watching all the exciting places whizz passed the window, pick somewhere to stay when you’re there.

Don’t Book Accommodation

The longer you and your children are sitting in a confined space without air conditioning and entertainment, the more likely there will be a meltdown.

Be Last on the Plane

Two tips will save you if this is your first time taking children on a flight. What you bring and what you don’t.

Carry on Luggage

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