Ultimate Packing List For Camping

You’re ready for a relaxing vacation of fishing, walking, toasting marshmallows around a campfire, and spending quality time with your family.

But wait…where’s the tent? And the sleeping bags? And, come to think of it, who packed the cooler full of food?

You’re desperate to avoid it on your upcoming trip, having a camping checklist at your disposal should make a difference!

Camping Essentials: The Basics

- Tent - Sleeping Bags - Blankets - Lantern - Campfire Supplies - Cooler

Useful Tools to Take Camping

- Phone - Solar Charger - Knife - Backpack - Axe - Mulit-Tool

Key Camping Furniture to Pack

- Chairs - Hammock - Table - Pop-Up Pavilion

Camping Clothes and Shoes

- Moisture Wicking T-shirts - Mid-Layers - Raincoat - Hiking Boots - Sandals

Must-Have For Cooking

- Grill / Camping Stove - Coffee Maker - Cutlery - Wooden Spoon - Bear-Proof Food Vault

Food Items 

- Salt and Pepper - Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo - Potatoes - Eggs - Dehydrated Meals - Beef Jerky - Trail Mix

Bathroom Essentials

- Toothbrush and Paste - Hand Soap - Deodorant - Toilet Paper - Hand Sanitizer - Towels

Recreational Equipment

- Fishing Poles - Kayaks or Canoes - Hiking Poles - Binoculars - Frisbee - Playing Cards

Safety Items

- Portable Fire Extinguisher - First-Aid Kit - Painkillers - Map or GPS System - Whistle - Bear Spray

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