Which One For Vacation:  Ireland or Norway?

When it comes to planning your next vacation in Northern Europe, deciding where to go is always a difficult decision.

And with so many wonderful European countries to choose from, each unique in its own special way, how do you choose?

Food:  Ireland or Norway?

A country can really be defined by its traditional cuisine.

In Ireland, most meals are simple yet hearty and filling. Try some well-known dishes like Irish stew, shepherd’s pie, and the infamous Dublin coddle.

Norway concentrates more on dishes involving fish. Mostly cod and salmon. What is surprising is that Norway is one of only two countries that still serves whale meat.

Country Living:  Ireland or Norway?

This would have to be considered a tie, as both countries have amazing countryside.

Ireland has numerous little fairy tale villages that make everyone want to retire and move there indefinitely.

Norway is the same with its unique cottages and boutique houses are scattered along the open landscape.

Nature:  Ireland or Norway?

This is a good topic of conversation and a major reason why tourism is so high in either country.

Norway is most famously known for its majestic fjords. The deep blue waters and rising cliffs are a sight to behold.

On the other hand, Ireland makes up for its lack of fjords with breathtaking rolling green hills and amazing coastal mountains.

Fun Activities:  Ireland or Norway?

Part of the fun in traveling abroad is enjoying the extracurricular activities specific to that country.

Norway focuses on the outdoors. People like planning road trips with a rental car and driving through the country.

Enjoy the many medieval vibes in Ireland, exploring popular castles still standing that are scattered throughout the country.

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