White Sands National Park is a massive field of rolling sand dunes in southern New Mexico.

It is essentially a beach without an ocean.

Most beach sands are made of quartz.  These sands are made of gypsum.

There are 5 hiking trails in the park. All trails are clearly marked to guide your way.

Interdune Boardwalk is an easy 0.4 mile round trip hike. You will feel like you are at the beach on this trail.

Alkali Flat Trail is a strenuous 5 mile hike with several steep dunes.

Sand sledding is fun for kids and adults!

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The front of the park has more vegetation and is better for spotting wildlife.

The back of the park has fewer plants and is better for sledding.

White Sands is great for: - Hiking - Sledding - Playing in the sand - Relaxing - Taking photos

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