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Your Shopping Guide: Gifts for Travel Lovers

Finding the perfect present for family and friends can be stressful. If you have a travel lover in your life, we are here to make the process easier. We compiled a list of gifts for travel lovers that covers all budget levels.

It is gratifying when you deliver a gift that someone will use. The good news is there are many great products that travelers can utilize on their adventures.

No matter the occasion, be it Christmas, a birthday, or a simple act of kindness, use our shopping guide to find the perfect gifts for travel lovers in your life.

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Travel Tech Gifts

GPS Luggage Tracker

Arriving at your destination to find out your bag did not come with you is a nightmare. Thankfully, we have the technology to help us locate missing items. Give your travel lover peace of mind with a GPS luggage tracker.

Portable Charger

Travelers can be very dependent on their gear, like laptops and phones. Unfortunately, the batteries can quickly drain as we take photos, shoot videos, and share our adventures on social media. A portable charger on the road or trail can be a lifesaver.


Capturing a moment for perpetuity allows travelers to re-experience that vacation euphoria long after the trip. Julie and I love our camera, the DJI Pocket 2. It is lightweight and small enough to fit in your pocket. The camera takes high-quality pictures and videos. It has a built-in stabilizer so you can shoot videos on the move.


Consider a drone if the traveler loves tech gear, remote-controlled gadgets, or obtaining unique photo perspectives. Lower-cost models are available for hobbyists and those new to drones.


A smartwatch can be a traveler’s best friend. With features like fitness tracking, GPS, mobile payments, and LTE support, travelers can stay connected, maintain fitness goals, and more.

Universal Power Adapter

Having the correct power adapter for your devices is critical. A compact universal adapter with multiple ports is easy to pack, ensures usage in any country, and charges multiple devices simultaneously. It is a must-have device for any globetrotter.



Always on the go and often outdoors, travelers will appreciate such a thoughtful gift.


A beanie is ideal for cooler weather. It takes up little space and keeps you warm. The hats come in various colors and styles to match the personality of your nomad.


A lightweight waterproof windbreaker is an ideal travel companion. My Columbia jacket checks all the boxes, making it my go-to outerwear when we are on the road. It takes up little space in my pack and keeps me warm and dry against rain and wind. I cannot recommend it enough.

Hiking Pants

For wayfarers who spend time outdoors, hiking pants are an excellent gift. Hiking pants are comfortable and come in various colors. Many are water-resistant, while some quickly zip off into shorts.

Hiking Shoes

If your explorer spends much time on trails, hiking shoes or boots are necessary to secure footing on rugged or slippery paths. You will get mileage with this gift.

Travel Gear


Julie and I love our Venture Pal backpack. It is lightweight yet durable, perfect for day hikes. We even use it at theme parks, walking tours, and various outings to carry clothing layers and needed items. The versatile pack has multiple compartments, including a wet pocket.

Toiletry Bag

Every traveler should own a toiletry bag to store essentials like toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, and soap. It is perfect for keeping your hygiene items in one place when you are on the road.

Passport Holder

Regarding travel, few items, if any, are more vital than a passport. Protect your passport from wear and tear with a passport holder. You can choose from various colors to fit your style and help you quickly locate it within your bag.

Neck Pillow

Do you have trouble napping on a plane or in a car? Even if you can catch some rest, you may awake with a stiff neck. Rest comfortably on the road and in the air with a neck pillow.

Waterproof Phone Pouch

Protect your phone from rain, snow, sand, and other threatening elements. A waterproof phone pouch is one of the best purchases we have made. We have used the phone pouch in the pouring rain, the Maid of the Mist boat ride next to Niagara Falls, and the beach. Our phones were safe and dry. Best of all, the transparent cover allows you to take quality photos and videos.

Packing Cubes

Julie prides herself on maximizing the space in our bags. She views it as a puzzle. One of her secrets is to use packing cubes. Now you can organize your packing, squeezing more items into the same space. You may be surprised at how much of a difference it makes.

Water Bottle

Whether you are hiking trails or touring a city, it is vital to stay hydrated. A portable water bottle is affordable, convenient, and refillable. Nearly every traveler can use a water bottle.


We love the COAST flashlight so much we have two. Although small, it emits a bright beam. Taking up so little space, we always carry flashlights in our backpacks. We have used them on many adventures, including evening hikes, cave exploring, night beach walks, and hiking the Blue Ridge Tunnel Trail.


If the adventurer in your life enjoys birdwatching, observing wildlife, or hiking, binoculars are a must. As we started traveling more, we began to enjoy birdwatching. We quickly realized that we needed quality binoculars as a tool of the trade. Then we discovered binoculars were perfect for whale watching from our cruise ship and the coastal shoreline. We began to throw them in our backpacks for hikes and walks along the beach. Binoculars are easy to grab for a closer view of wildlife in the distance. So, we take them everywhere. You never know when a special moment will happen.

Florida Sand Shovel

A Florida sand shovel is a unique gift for beach lovers. They can use the instrument to dig for treasure, whether shells or shark teeth. It makes the process of sifting through the sand simple and fun.


It may seem like a small gift, but travelers of all types can use sunscreen. Anyone that spends considerable time in the great outdoors can benefit from skin protection. It is a very thoughtful gift.

Insect Repellent

Protection from biting insects is vital for campers and hikers. It is something they can always use and will do so happily.

Travel Gift Cards

When in doubt, go with travel gift cards. Travelers face many expenses on the road, such as gas, accommodations, and food. Gift cards are always appreciated regardless of the type of adventures your travel lover enjoys.


National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America

A birding field guide is a perfect gift for those who hike and seek nature’s solitude. You can easily stow the handy reference in your daypack. Since Julie and I are novice birders, the field guide is an excellent tool. It allows us to identify birds quickly and learn more about them while exploring. Even expert birdwatchers will appreciate a field guide that covers all bird species in North America.

The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

Julie and I have often visited Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I cannot tell you how frequently Julie gets asked for advice on planning a Disney trip. The biggest secret to her success is this book. It covers everything from which direction to go when you enter a park to what attractions to ride first to where to eat and stay. The book is updated annually to keep current with all events and attractions. It is full of tips to save you time and money. If someone you know is planning a trip to Disney, the unofficial guide is a must.

The Unofficial Guide to Disneyland

Make the most of your Disneyland vacation with secrets, shortcuts, and bargains. It is loaded with tips and tricks to save time and money at the iconic theme park.

Wrap-Up: Gifts for Travel Lovers

Travelers seek adventure and new experiences. You can help make their trips more comfortable or efficient using our guide to gifts for travel lovers. 

Whether your favorite voyager strives to relax with a glass of wine in the Finger Lakes or hike Devil’s Hall in the Guadalupe Mountains, our shopping guide has something to enhance the journey. Never stop exploring!

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