Pirate Adventure Island at LEGO Atlanta in Phipps Plaza

Kids Are Begging To Go to This Unique LEGO Atlanta Store

The cat is out of the bag. Word is spreading quickly about the renovated LEGO Discovery Center Atlanta. Kids are begging to go to the unique store. 

We cover what you need to know. Parents will be excited about the LEGO Atlanta experience, too. Don’t worry. We will keep your secret.

Building Memories

A single toy brick appears meaningless. However, a pile of bricks can expand our imaginations, bring dreams to life, and build memories. That is the magic of LEGO.

I fondly remember constructing buildings, vehicles, heroes, and more with my children. We spent many enjoyable hours piecing bricks together and playing LEGO video games. 

Now that my kids are grown, I envy parents with young children. Many adventures and memories await you at the LEGO Atlanta store. 

Where is the LEGO Atlanta Store?

Entrance to LEGO Atlanta store
LEGO Discovery Center Atlanta. Photo credit: Miles with McConkey

LEGO Discovery Center sits on the third floor of Phipps Plaza, an upscale shopping and dining center in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood. The address is 3500 Peachtree Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30326.

Although the shopping mall may seem fancy, there is plenty of room for family fun. The plaza’s third floor harbors AMC Theaters and LEGO Discovery Center. When your family finishes building brick cities and heroes, you can enjoy a movie across from the LEGO Center. It makes for an enjoyable day of exploration and family bonding.

New Generation of LEGO Centers

Merlin Entertainment is collaborating with the LEGO Group to bring us the next generation of LEGO stores. While the first opened in Brussels, Belgium, the United States proudly boasts three new generation centers. Atlanta has one. The other two reside in Boston and Washington, DC.

The new LEGO stores offer play areas for younger kids, more immersive experiences, and more ways to interact with and test creations. It is a rewarding experience for kids of all ages. Yes, adults, too.


Single-day admission starts at $25.99. Children under age three are free. You can upgrade your ticket to include a LEGO minifigure and digital photos. Prices start at $33.99. 

All kids build a minifigure as part of the experience. However, those with upgraded access can take the minifigure home as a souvenir. Kids with basic admission typically need help understanding why they must return their figures. Accordingly, I recommend splurging for the upgraded ticket. 

An additional upgrade for a virtual reality experience is also available. Those tickets start at $38.99. 

LEGO Discovery Center Atlanta occasionally offers discounts during their midweek madness sale. For those that live in the area, annual passes are available.

Although the store offers walk-up tickets, those can sell out. To guarantee your spot, I suggest you purchase tickets in advance.

Children must attend with an adult. Although LEGO may appeal to all ages, an adult must accompany a child aged 17 or under.


Sensory guide at LEGO Atlanta store
Each LEGO attraction has a sensory guide. Photo credit: Miles with McConkey

I love the fact that the LEGO Atlanta store is fully accessible. Elevator design and store layout ensure wheelchair access.

LEGO Atlanta worked with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) to earn recognition as a Certified Autism Center. What does this mean to you? Their employees undergo rigorous autism sensitivity and awareness training. 

Further, each attraction zone provides a sensory guide, grading the stimulation factor from one to ten for all five senses. Details accompany the scores. As a parent, you can decide if each attraction zone is appropriate for your child.

In case you wonder, employees also get first aid training.

Create a Friend

Head bin to create a minifigure at LEGO Atlanta store
Head station to create your minifigure. Photo credit: Miles with McConkey

We all want friends, right? To start your LEGO adventure, you will make a companion. You can customize your minifigure by selecting a torso, legs, head, and hat from many options. 

Your friend will accompany you throughout the day’s adventures. Some interactive zones and terminals even allow you to take pictures of your minifigure.

Pop-Up Activities

The store regularly has pop-up activities throughout the day. Your kids can participate in fun, impromptu games and activities. For example, store Playmakers will quickly set up a miniature golf course where everyone can play a round of golf. 

You never know what pop-up event will occur. The spontaneity and ingenuity make each visit unique.

Learn From Master Model Builders

Miniland display at LEGO Atlanta
A section of the Miniland display. Photo credit: Miles with McConkey

LEGO employees strive to become Master Model Builders. Employees compete in building competitions for the right to earn the coveted designation. Only a select few boast the title.

Learning from the best of the best is a treat. If you question the skills of the Master Model Builders, check out the LEGO Atlanta Miniland display while visiting. Despite the massive number of bricks used, the level of detail is astonishing. Look closer, and you will recognize many iconic Atlanta buildings and attractions.

You can meet Master Model Builders and even join their workshops, where you will learn tips and tricks from the experts. It is an excellent opportunity for kids to step up their LEGO building game.

To the Moon

Build Your Rocket play zone at LEGO Atlanta
Kids can build a rocket and pilot it across a monitor. Photo credit: Miles with McConkey

One of the new store features allows adults, I mean kids, to design a spaceship and watch it come to life. After building a rocket, kids scan their creation and watch it appear on a monitor where they can pilot it with a joystick. 

The immersive experience is reminiscent of the toys-to-life video games that peaked in popularity in the 2010s. Well-designed, this attraction is accessible for guests in wheelchairs.

Yes, It Can Rain Indoors

4-D Cinema at LEGO Atlanta in Phipps Plaza
LEGO 4-D Cinema. Photo credit: Miles with McConkey

Nothing evokes giggles like a 4-D cinema experience. LEGO movies play about every half hour in the store theater. If the film depicts rain, snow, or wind, you will feel it, literally. 

Smiles abound as your kids experience weather indoors. Although you will not get soaked, you will get wet.

Attractions for Toddlers

DUPLO Park at Lego Atlanta
LEGO DUPLO Park. Photo credit: Miles with McConkey

The LEGO Atlanta store has created zones for all age groups, including young builders. DUPLO Park is perfect for kids under the age of 5. Little ones will discover interactive areas, a dinosaur carousel, Hook a Duck, and more.

Go on a Quest

The store has a Kingdom Quest ride where you zap trolls and skeletons on an epic journey to save the captured princess.

LEGO Discovery Center Atlanta is an indoor activity hub, not an outdoor theme park. So, you should not expect a roller coaster. Although Kingdom Quest is a slow-moving ride, kids will have a blast zapping those pesky trolls and skeletons.

I Got a Fast Car

Jungle Jump at LEGO Atlanta in Phipps Plaza
Kids can test their LEGO cars on the Jungle Jump ramps. Photo credit: Miles with McConkey

LEGO Discovery Center Atlanta does an excellent job of bringing bricks to life, whether displaying the toy on a monitor or allowing kids to test their creations in play areas. A prime example is when kids design and test a car on ramps. After making adjustments, friends and family can challenge one another to see who has the fastest car.

Imaginative Play

Many kids will want to play after building minifigures, rockets, cars, etc. Pirate Adventure Island is a bigger-than-life pirate ship within a soft play area, allowing kids to burn off some energy. As a parent, it will give you a little time to relax.

Great LEGO Race VR Simulator

The Great LEGO Race is a virtual reality racing simulator where guests soar in the air and fly through lava caves while trying to dodge obstacles and other flying objects. 

There are a couple of essential things to note here. First, guests must be a minimum of 40 inches tall to participate. Second, you must purchase the experience as an upgrade from your admission ticket.


LEGO Cafe. Photo credit: Miles with McConkey

Kids and parents will work up an appetite after creating skyscrapers. The LEGO Atlanta store houses the LEGO Cafe, where you can further utilize your building skills to customize a burger. If you prefer, you can design a chicken or veggie sandwich. 

The cafe offers other selections, including nachos, pizza, hot dogs, chips, cookies, muffins, and Dippin’ Dots. Adults will be pleased to know the cafe serves coffee and espresso drinks.

Gift Shop

Minifigure Factory at LEGO Atlanta store
Minifigure Factory. Photo credit: Miles with McConkey

Upon leaving the play zones, you will find yourself in a gift shop. A broad selection of model kits lines the shelves for anyone who wants to expand their collection or test their newly learned skills at home.

Be sure to check out the unique minifigure creator. You can build a custom figure and print it in the store immediately.

LEGO Atlanta: Build Dreams & Create Memories

The LEGO Atlanta store offers a unique opportunity for families to play and interact in a fun, immersive environment. At LEGO Discovery Center Atlanta, guests design more than cars and figures. It is a rare time when families can build dreams and create memories. Who knew LEGO bricks were so magical?

Featured image credit: Miles with McConkey

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